From creating mailing lists to creating and scheduling newsletters, to measuring results, the day never seems to have enough time for the ambitious email marketing expertise.

But as they say, it is an intelligent job that can convince you to achieve the desired results.

Let’s take a look at some key email marketing tools that can improve their lives a little and get the most out of their email marketing program.

1. Review of free and economical email marketing tools.

Effective email marketing begins with the right email marketing software. Recognizing a tool that meets specific needs can lead to severe neck pain. Look for all the features of many tools and discover that it is very difficult to distinguish the difference: this is not how intelligent professionals work, right?

This clear list of email marketing tools summarizes all valuable and profitable email marketing tools on one page. I liked this over the others because:

● It does not have flat stars (often deceptive), but a guide

● contains a correlation table

● Offers discounts (!) For a variety of tools

2. The return on investment marketing calculator by email.

If they were just email campaigns, someone could become an email marketing specialist. Unfortunately, this is not true in reality. It is the return (profit, conversions) that tells if a marketing effort is successful. Email marketing should have an excellent return on investment (as 3800%). We must follow the results and compare them with other tactics.

Here is a handy ROI counter that helps you calculate it exactly. The tool gives you a quick overview of the return on the investment. You can change e-volume, click-through rate, conversion rate, price and conversion value in the tool and see what happens in real time with returns, revenue, and revenue, etc.

3. Market share for email clients.

If you know of customers and regular email devices, email marketing specialists can help you choose the right method for designing and scheduling email campaigns. More than 50% is the opening of the mobile these days. The resource is a monthly classification of the top ten email clients. You will find the latest information every month.

Market share figures show that you need to adjust your email designs to get the best results in mobile and Gmail, as they are the first two in the list.

4. Tired line testers.

The subject line is crucial for the effectiveness of email marketing. Good subject words are crucial to the success of your campaign. It is about emphasizing or attracting curiosity to the audience.

You can improve the subject line by experimenting and testing. However, this Moonsend resource will give you suggestions immediately. For example, we ask you to customize the subject line or add an expression or tag for multiple openings.

5. Email accessibility tool

Accessibility and ease of use are two important aspects of email campaigns. Access to e-mail ensures that disabled people can see and communicate with the content of the e-mail message. Over one billion people with disabilities live in the world. Do not provide temporary disabilities. Have you never had a broken arm?

In addition, available e-mail messages are generally more logical and easy to use for everyone. These emails provide user-friendliness, such as structure, color contrast, responsiveness, linked text usage, email optimization, and the use of a text version. etc.

This free e-mail access control gives marketers and email developers an HTML editor and an accessibility report to make your campaigns easy to use and efficient.

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