Regardless of the size of the design team, it’s still an unpleasant technology that will ruin your imagined cabinets. If a chef is interested, this commitment is valuable and new interesting alternatives are in abundance. Otherwise it is a kind of shit and you feel that you have no choice but to smile and wear.

But that’s because you don’t know about PITT Cooking.

The Dutch company sells a selection of individual gas burners integrated into the worktop, with all others hidden beneath the surface. Unlike most integrated boards, the burner does not prevent steel or glass. There is only one sea of ​​random resistance material filled with one to six discrete gas containers.

We discovered the PITT burners in a New York loft designed by architect Elizabeth Roberts. That’s why we asked for Deets. “The client had chosen a beautiful and active marble for the sink, back plate and floating shelf in the kitchen, and thanks to the integrated burners we were able to maintain a clean and continuous work surface without disturbing marble.

” She stated that the counter was made of marble was the key: we want to choose a stone that doesn’t fade easily, says Elizabeth. The PITT cooking area shows the following materials to remove: composite, granite, concrete, terrazzo, glass, ceramics, solid surfaces (eg Formica), “green core”, “upper core” and stainless steel.

“For the technical parts of the bench, you only need one centimeter below the bench,” says Elizabeth. The slightest effect of PITT kitchen utensils on kitchen design is obviously a great advantage, but not the only one. “With built-in burners, it’s not related to traditional food configurations,” says Elizabeth. “You can have anything from a six burner and you can combine configurations!

” For your information, the product itself doesn’t cost much more than a regular cooker, says Elizabeth, but the installation cost becomes more expensive, so you should consider it in your budget. Now that we have made it clear that all we have to do is choose the material on the table top.

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